Marine Surveys - Appraisal Survey

Appraisal Survey

An Appraisal Survey is a walk through survey much less detailed than a Full Condition Survey. It is recommended If you are unsure what type of yacht you wish to buy, or if there are a number of similar yachts on the market and you wish to narrow down which one is the best for you.

The appraisal survey will identify any very major problems with the yacht and give a basic general overview of the condition. If you decide that the yacht is suitable it is then recommended that before purchase a Full Condition Survey is carried out, this will be done at a reduced cost.

Appraisal surveys for yachts up to and around 12 metres or about 40 feet are normally completed within two or three hours. Even for a large yacht the appraisal survey would be finished within one day.

The survey procedure is much less structured than that of the Full Condition Survey I can look at specific problems known to the type of yacht chosen and include detailed photos if you have not seen the yacht. Please contact me with your requirement.

The detail of the survey is presented in a clear, easy to understand report. Within the report the major problems found during the survey are listed and information given on their importance.


“I was impressed with Joe Rowles professionalism such that I would select him for any future survey of a boat in Southern Turkey. Thoroughly recommended”Peter Buchan