Marine Surveys - Machinery and Systems Survey

Machinery and Systems Survey

Survey of fuel and water systems

Machinery and Systems Survey

Batteries and charging systems

Machinery and Systems Survey

Main engine tested for performance under load

Machinery and Systems Survey

All machinery tested for performance

Machinery and Systems Survey

A machinery and systems survey is recommended after; any damage to the systems of the yacht e.g in a lightening strike or fire, after machinery and/or systems have changed, or on a newly commissioned yacht to test the new systems.

The Machinery and Systems survey will almost always include a sea trial, engines will be run and operated from all control stations. The engine will be performance tested to engine manufacturer’s specifications. All the ships systems will be run and tested for operation.

Each survey will be dependant on the systems onboard so before the survey details of the equipment will need to be reviewed so I can obtain manufacturers specifications on the equipment.

A typical Machinery and systems survey would include the following

  • Main engine tested for performance under load
  • Gearbox for smooth operation in ahead and reverse
  • Bow/stern thrusters and trim tabs
  • Generator performance under load
  • Steering lock to lock when moving ahead and astern, autopilot system
  • Fresh water systems; tanks, pumps and water maker operation
  • Sewage system; toilets, holding tanks and pumping
  • Bilge pumping
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Batteries and charging systems
  • Heating systems
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Air conditioning; pumps, handling units including performance test
  • Cooking, gas/electric
  • Windlass and winches tested under load
  • Sail handling systems under load

The detail of the survey is presented in a clear, easy to understand report. Photos are used where necessary. Within the report defects found during the survey are listed and information given on their importance and recommendations for repair.


“Your survey and report were a marked improvement on my previous experience of yacht surveys, which I've been involved in quite a lot over the years, both as seller & purchaser, and which have ranged from the reasonably competent to the frankly useless. I was particularly impressed with the time spent and the comprehensive nature of both the examination and report. I consider your service very good value for money, and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. I have in fact taken the opportunity of mentioning my satisfaction to my insurers.”Graham