Marine Surveys- Overview

What do I want a survey for and what type of survey do I require ?

If you require a Marine Survey select the type of survey from the menu on the left hand side for more information or contact me directly with your requirements.

  • Full Condition (pre-purchase) Survey - Recommended if you are buying a new yacht or having your yacht returned by a charter company (end of contract). This is a detailed survey that will identify the yacht defects and give recommendations for repair.
  • Appraisal Survey - Not sure it you want to commit to buying the yacht. This is an economical way of basically evaluating a yacht, or number of yachts and will help you decide if it is suitable. Once the yacht is selected a Full Condition Survey is recommended.
  • Insurance Condition Survey and/or Valuation and/or Rig Survey - As required by insurance companies with change of ownership or when your yacht reaches a certain age. If you wish I can deal directly with the company to get their exact requirements.
  • Damage Survey - Often carried out for insurance companies, details the damage, recommendations for repair and estimates of repair costs.
  • Yacht registration – Tonnage measurement for registering your yacht.
  • MCA SCV2 code of practice inspection - This inspection is carried out through one of the certifying authorities of the MCA and is a requirement for all UK registered charter yachts.
  • Valuation Survey - This is often a requirement for finance companies if money is being borrowed to purchase the yacht. Generally a walk-through inspection to get a good impression of the general condition of the yacht. The value that is given is my opinion of the fair market value.
  • Machinery and Systems Survey - Checking the equipment onboard and performance of the engine. This will include a sea trial.
  • Rig Survey - This should be carried out routinely and a must before any extended passages.
  • Ultrasound Survey - Detailed mapping of the hull thickness.
  • Hull survey for Osmosis (blistering) - Think you have Osmosis (gelcoat blistering) the survey includes removal of some paint system and taking moisture meter readings


“I was impressed with Joe Rowles professionalism such that I would select him for any future survey of a boat in Southern Turkey. Thoroughly recommended”Peter Buchan